Для глажения

Для глажения
Male Sleever in Wood
Female Sleever in Wood
Sleeve Pads Set
Standard Fabric Cover Mod. 1
Standard Fabric Cover Mod. Maxi
Standard Fabric Cover Mod. 2
Standard Fabric Cover Mod. 3
Fabric Cover + Felt Lining Mod. Maxi
Fabric Cover + Felt Lining Mod.Dob
Fabric Cover + Felt Lining For Sleever
Polyester Fabric Cover Blue – 165 cm.
Polyester/Silicon Foam Roll in Blue 130 cm.
Molleton Polyester Mod. C600
Polyester Felt Mod. C900
Polyester Felt Mod. Maxi
Polyester Felt Mod. Pressa
Polyester Felt Mod. Dob
Polyester Felt 600 – 130 cm.
Polyester Felt 900 – 130 cm.
Polyester/Silicon Foam Mod. Vaporetta
Polyester/Silicon Foam Maxi
Polyester/Silicon Foam Dob
Special Steam Tube
Roll Special Steam Tube
Silicon Steam Tube
Roll Silicon Steam Tube
Hose Insulating with Zipper
Complete Electric Flex
Sleeve Formers
Replacement Springs
Set of Springs for Covers
Heat Insulating Plate
Delux Heat Insulating Plate
Non-Shine Mat 25x70 cm.
Chain Hanger For Irons
Cleaning Stick
Ez-Off Iron Cleaner
Fabric Beater For Pleats
Metallic Tie Former
Trouser Clamp
Half-Moon Clamp
No-Shine Simple Teflon Shoe
No-Shine Armoured Teflon Shoe